pilates during pregnancy in East London

Pilates for Pregnancy 

Why Pilates during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. There are many physiological and hormonal changes that take place which often puts many previously enjoyable things on hold. Exercise should not be one of those things. 

Mindful exercise with correct and guided structure will develop strength, flexibility and alleviate common pregnancy stresses such as back pain. That is where we can help, by means of Pilates. Not only will you feel the benefits during pregnancy, but you will even find Pilates helping your recovery after pregnancy. With our Pilates, a lot of emphasis is placed on the pelvic floor, as this generally weakened due to the added weight of the baby. Learning to breathe deeply and laterally will aid in calming the mother during exercise as well as during labour. 

Each trimester brings about its own changes to the mother. Pilates allows for these changes and we modify sessions accordingly, so that no strain or discomfort is put on the mother or child.
Let Pilates Expressions assist you during your pregnancy.

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