Pilates for Men

There is an unfortunate misconception that Pilates is only for women, dancers or the elderly. It is a fact that nowadays women seem to make up the majority of Pilates clientele and it is also true that dancers have found that the method assists in their physical performance and elderly folk find it is less strenuous than other forms of exercise. However men have found that Pilates is most definitely beneficial for them too. 

The founder of the Pilates method was male

Interestingly, Joseph Pilates, the founder of this dynamic form of exercise was in fact male. Joseph was a gymnast, diver, body-builder, wrestler, boxer and a self-defense trainer at schools and Scotland Yard. It is noted that by the time he was 14 years old, he was physically fit enough to pose for anatomical charts. Sounds pretty manly don't you think?

Joseph Pilates' initial students were in fact men. It is also interesting to note that many of Joseph's students survived the 1918 flu pandemic due to the good physical shape they were in.

Why men of today should do Pilates


An alarmingly high percentage of men (and women) in today's Western civilization experience lower back pain. This is a result of numerous factors in our day to day lives that affect our posture. Our work, whether it be physical or not very physical at all (ie. sitting behind a desk working on a computer, driving a car, or even just social networking on a cellphone), are all daily activities that inevitably affect one's posture! Honestly, how is your posture while  you reading this right now?

Physical demand

As the dominant gender, men tend to be more physical than women. "Please fix that light", "Please bring me that box", "Daddy, pick me up", are but a few phrases any man can expect to hear on a regular basis. And how often after picking up that box or playing with the kids does one complain about some or other body part being in pain?

These aches and pains come as a result of

  • Muscular imbalances within the body - an imbalance of strong and weak muscles or muscle groups
  • Lifting up objects incorrectly
  • Performing a movement with the wrong muscle groups or
  • Incorrect biomechanics.


Let's face it, stretching is not exactly on top of the average Joe's to-do-list. Due to male physiological influences, flexibility becomes problematic. Range of motion becomes limited and simple tasks like even tying one's shoelaces becomes an unpleasant event. Apart from developing a better range of motion, stretching helps muscles to recruit more muscle fibres and thus improves strength in the ligaments. Stretching also increases the flow of blood due to micro-tears in the fascia. This in turn will create hypertrophy and the release of IGF1 which is optimal for muscle growth and recovery. By stretching, DOMS is reduced significantly due to the fresh blood carrying nutrients to the worked muscle groups.  

Men's Classes at Pilates Expressions 

Pilates Expressions Studio does not segregate between male and female. Rather, the reason for a specially allocated men's class is due to a noticeable faster improvement of male clients within the class, and to meet the different needs between male and female bodies. Please note that it is not compulsory for men to only attend this specially allocated class. 

Every class at Pilates Expressions keeps the integrity of the BASI Pilates principles. 


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