Pilates for Horse Riding 

The 10 principles of Pilates are: Awareness, balance, breathing, control, concentration, co-ordination, efficiency, flow, harmony and precision, all of which are needed and used in all disciplines of horse riding.

Core strength developed during the Pilates sessions will improve the rider's balance and give the rider a firmer sense of stability in the saddle. Posture is a main focus during Pilates classes which will strengthen the rider's postural muscles and improve the endurance of holding correct posture comfortably. Not only will it strengthen postural muscles, but Pilates will also help the rider to develop long lean muscle and improve all round strength, resulting in less lower back pain and a strengthening of the legs and arms, to control and support the horse with more ease. Suppleness obtained during the sessions will allow the rider's hips to loosen, producing a better feel during all of the horse's gaits. 

What Pilates will do for your horse riding: 

  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Loosens hips for a better canter
  • Fixes riding posture
  • Strengthens upper body
  • Strengthens legs to support you and your horse
  • Betters your balance for jumping
  • Stretches muscles for a more comfortable seat
  • Corrects your alignment
  • Creates better physical endurance
  • Improves concentration 


Pilates for Horse Riding in East London


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